The Extensible Financial Statement BIL-X is an integrated solution for the production of Financial Reports in XBRL format including all the financial documents that can be published using different electronic and print media.

Particular characteristics of this solution are the data integration with any accounting information system, the automation of all the working steps necessary for the creation of the disclosure note in a dispensable format, the use of standard and open technologies not subject to costs.

Financial Reports are produced by single legal entities or consolidated ones and they’re comprehensive of any document needed to fulfill all the different communication needs.

The basic idea of the Extensible Financial Statement is the use of the XBRL language for the elimination of all the errors and costs linked to the manual activities of reiterated values insertions or copy and paste of the same to all different scopes. This is the most significant advantage, among the various ones offered by XBRL, for the needs of who must periodically produce financial statements.