The main features

A new financial statements can be created dragging in the appropriate field the XBRL instance that was deposited in the previous accounting period.

The source values, generated by any accounting system, are interpreted and prearranged for the following mapping. The loaded values are saved in files called Trace for the traceability.

The Interactive Mapping is an environment for the administrative staff and it permits an extraordinary working speed. The financial statements values are available and totalized for an immediate check (drag and drop on a group of source values).

The tables are already arranged in Excel folders. The values that were determined using formulas are immediately compared with the correspondent values of the XBRL instance if existing.

The Euro figure balancing is executed automatically and adjustments of the source values variation are provided by an interface called Correction and Integration.

The text and the tables can be freely inserted with references to the XBRL elements. All the XBRL elements are substituted by the values at the moment of the financial statement creation.