If you are a SAP BPC user (Business Planning and Consolidation), and draw up Financial Statements in compliance with Italian standards, BIL-X for SAP BPC is the best way of adding value to your software.

BIL-X for SAP BPC is made up of:

  • BPC report main prospects and all the disclosure notes’ tables envisaged by the Italian, XBRL taxonomy in force.
  • Financial Statement models in Excel and Word format, structured with all the XBR taxonomy contents.

Some of the functions envisaged are:

  • Connecting your Financial Statement values with the BIL-X model to automatically obtain the XBRL application to file;
  • Connecting your account balances (the BPC chart of accounts or the SAP FI chart of accounts) to the cells set forth in the tables for automatic valorisation;
  • Inserting or manually amending the values set forth in the tables, if this cannot be done automatically (at your own discretion);
  • Integrating the disclosure notes’ Word Document tables;
  • Inserting tables, which had not been envisaged in the XBRL taxonomy, into your Financial Statement (treated like text blocks in the Word Document )

The reports are developed in the BPC native language (EPM tool), and become an integral part of your system, and can, furthermore, be customised by both you and your consultants.

If you would like to examine the table details and the explanatory notes document, download our, free Financial Statement model.