Since the XBRL financial statements filing has become mandatory (for details see the article XBRL Italy 2015) the companies will have to adapt their financial statements data to the normative requirements starting from the 2014 financial statements.

It’s possible to reduce the burdens and costs related to the new obligation adapting efficiently your financial statements data and respecting your informational necessities (related to the previous financial statements) and, at the same time, fulfilling the new technical requirements (the new XBRL Italy taxonomy).

For being able to offer your customers efficient tools for the improvement of administrative processes and the ability to quickly adapt to the increasing informational requests, it’s important to combine a deep knowledge of software technology and a high specialized consultancy.

The spreading of the Cloud offers a great opportunity of collaboration between the companies and their services suppliers.

We’re specialized in the XBRL language, the standard for the communication of financial data in an electronic format that has been developing and expanding worldwide.

We collaborate with international companies for the updating of our technical competences in the XBRL language and we keep our knowledge up-to-date with the developments of the more developed countries worldwide.

We follow closely the Italian advancements and we’ve developed the BIL-X product and its services including the innovative Financial Statements XBRL Conversion.

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