The 2016 XBRL taxonomy is now available to the public, to be used for current financial statements, and which has implemented the legislative changes referred to in the (Italian) Legislative Decree Law No. 139/2015.

Here is the link to the Agenzia per l’Italia digitale site where, you can find the 2016-11-14 Italian XBRL taxonomy.

We would also like to point out the XBRL Italia page, where the taxonomy and documents related to it can be found. It is essentially for operators, but it also contains a description of the tables in PDF and HTML format. Click here, to reach the page.

To view and validate an XBRL instance with the 2016 taxonomy you can use the Infocamere web service at this address.

XBRL Italia promotes the development of the XBRL language in Italy, and its official site is available at this address.

B&B, owner of the BIL-X product and supplier of the BIL-X Conversione Bilanci (Financial Statement Conversion) XBRL services, has been a supporting partner in XBRL Italia since 2010.