With BIL-X it’s possible to create Italian statutory accounts, annual, abbreviated and consolidated ones.

The financial processes automation possible with BIL-X permits to quickly produce all different documents that constitute the financial reports. Not only the balance sheet, the the profit & loss account, but also the tables of the disclosure note with the relative comments and the report on the management activities. Texts, values and tables are combined together to create different documents and integrate them in a single financial report.

BIL-X offers greater fastness, reliability and less risk in the case of last minute variations on the book values.

All the elaborations and interactions with the BIL-X available users make use of the Italian XBRL taxonomy definitions (elements), of their relations for the data presentation, of their relation for the values adequacy check (calculation). In this way the XBRL technology ends being uniquely an obligation to attend at the moment of the financial statement deposit and starts offering immediate advantages of efficiency and solidity to the users in the financial processes.

The Solution

It’s sufficient to dispose of a source file generated by your accounting system and including accounting balances referred to your operative chart of accounts (different format are managed such as text, Excel, PDF etc.).

After the source values import BIL-X makes available an interactive mapping environment that permits to insert in only one step all the accounts correspondences of the chart of accounts to the elements of the taxonomy. It’s an environment thought for the administrative staff and doesn’t require any IT support. The skills required for this activity are: the knowledge of the meaning of your accounts and of the balance-sheet items as defined in the statutory local legal requirements.

The texts can be freely inserted with a Microsoft Office product. BIL-X uses the links to the taxonomy elements with the values included in the text and is capable of updating the values to the source file variation coming from your accounting system.

The Euro currency rounding and the totals congruence with the items in the balance sheet and in the Profit & Loss account are executed automatically. BIL-X shows you the variations and permits you to accept them or to amend and integrate them.

The documents are produced in Word format for simple and practical documents and in a InDesign Adobe format for higher graphic standards.

The traceability to the original values is maintained for any balance-sheet item (the balances of one’s own accounts).

The Advantages

Higher efficiency and reliability of the financial processes for the creation of financial statements Values traceability.

Availability of one’s own content without limits in the format and in the accounting software.